Recruitment Genie is a fully automated recruitment application. Genie reduces your manual
efforts in calling, lining-up as well as following-up with job-seekers. Genie helps you double your business
at same or even lesser recruiters cost. Genie can automate your calling process, it can schedule/re-schedule/cancel your interviews and can give you confirmed interviews list. Genie can identify the
job-seekers, engage them and line them up for interviews in minutes.

Call Campaign Manager

Genie acts as your caller can reach to thousands of jobseekers on various job descriptions simultaneously in mins. He will not just come back registering their interests but will also do the follow-ups and interview confirmations.

Skill Assessed Resumes

Genie can also get each applicant assessed on their job skills. Assessment helps in saving both time & money spent on rejecting applicants. Genie is all committed to value addition in recruitment.

Free Database

Genie has extensive database of millions of job-seekers. The database is ever growing with the online registrations. The database has footprints from all the industries, domains, verticals and locations of job-seekers.

Interview Scheduler

Genie saves manual efforts of informing the interview schedules or doing re-schedules and cancellations. Each entry is registered and history is preserved. Job-seeker & the hiring managers can freely interact.

Fully Automated Recruitment

Feed in the indent through finely curated Job description template & let genie do the rest for you. It pulls out relevant profiles, registers their interests, takes referrals, creates a formidable line-up also take care of follow-ups.

Reminders & Confirmations

Genie saves manual efforts of reminding interview schedules to both the job-seekers & hiring managers. Genie also takes the confirmations on the day of interview from attending applicants.

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