SkillMirror is India’s 1st extensive cloud based applicant tracking system with inbuilt IVR to streamline and automate recruitment workflow. We focus on user experience and team collaboration with complete tracking and reporting including global locations. Skillmirror provides a platform which bridge the gap between candidates, recruitment consultants,companies,colleges and freelancers. Skillmirror automates complete recruitment process and act as a virtual recruiter.

An applicant tracking system streamlines recruitment process where you can track every recruiting stage of an applicant from applying on the job to onboarding. ATS are used to automate the recruitment process where the matching profiles are shortlisted by the system and their entire history is stored.

Yes , Secured and safe data are one of our foundations. Security is a must when working with valuable and sensitive information. We are using the latest encryption technologies to secure the data. All communication between your users and our application is over 256-bit SSL encryption. All of our user passwords are securely hashed and are never stored in plaintext.

Our features are wide in number and we offer various products to be integrated with the ATS. You can check out our features and products by clicking on https://skillmirror.com/users/ats-quote

We don’t penalise for success as your business grows, we are here to help. We believe in being growth partners to our customers. There are different packages available including the enterprise one with unlimited users.

We are very passionate and experienced in our domain. Our cloud based application is india’s 1s applicant tracking system with inbuilt IVR mechanism. Skillmirror works for you as a virtual recruiter. A completely automated platform which focus on every aspect of recruitment. We are not just revenue conservers, we rather help you in increasing your revenues.

Skillmirror is a cloud based application to automate the recruitment process with complete tracking and reporting. The application can be used by individual recruiters, freelancers, recruitment agencies as well as small, medium and large enterprises.

Yes, Skillmirror can integrate with your email and sms gateway as well as career site . The acquired datra through career site will automatically be directed to your ATS.

Yes , our system is completely flexible and can integrate with other hr applications.

We offer both online and site training. There are no restaint on number of trainings. Further, training modules will be available in the logins as well.

Yes, we offer the whitelabelling feature. The application will look of your own completely.

You can reach to 1000’s of jobseeker at a click of a button and can register their response.Also , automated system gives opportunity to the interested candidate to schedule his/her interview as per the given time slot. You can also send emails and sms through the system to engage the candidates in order to do your own branding and advertisement.

We offer the Basic ATS in the trial account. You can affectively check the job creation, user additions, resume parsing,work allocation, candidate screening, IVR and other modes of communication as well as basic reports and analytics in the trial pack of the application.

No , there is only subscription/license cost for the application as per the features and products you choose. However, We do offer some “assisted setup” packages to help you customize the system to match your website and business processes, and provide training to your users. If you are interested in assisted setup, our account manager will provide a complete quote of all costs in advance. There won’t be any surprises once you are ready to sign up.

Every client has different budget and pricing expectation . We give them flexibility to choose the features and product intergrations as per their budget and requirement

Yes, Our team will support you in migrating data from another ATS.

Yes, Your data is secured and can be retained if you upgrade trial account. However, the data in trial accounts is saved for 60 days.

We offer 24*7 support to our customers

Yes, we give the flexibility to change plans as per your convienience

You can contact us by mailing us on info@skillmirror.com

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