4 Creative And Innovative Resume Styles To Impress Employers

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A resume is a representation of your skills, abilities, and accomplishments. They are a form of advertisement of all the abilities you own. Creative resume design has always been in the spotlight since the starting. What promotes professionals to design innovative and creative resumes? Creative resume design help to capture attention effortlessly. Apart from being attention seekers, they are an excellent way of showcasing the skills of the designers. Here are some crazy and creative resume ideas-

A) Amazon Page Resume

What could be a better way of advertising your skills, than an Amazon page style resume? Philippe Dubost designed a full Amazon page for himself. He showcases his skills very effectively and efficiently. Product details are catchy and efficient and product description is simply amazing. Reviews are also provided at the end of the resume along with professional experience.

What makes the resume style stand out-

  1. Recognizable and innovative format
  2. In-depth details
  3. Amazing marketing strategy

creative cv design

Image- Philippe Dubost

B) Google Style Resume

With all the skills displayed in the search bar, what else will you desire for? Eric Gandhi designed a Google-style resume.

    What makes the resume stand out-

  1. Iconic Style
  2. Detailed and systematic information
  3. Suggestions are trying your best at the end to impress your viewers.
creative resume sample
Image- Eric Gandhi

C) Video Game Resume

What if you can turn a resume into a game. Sounds, amazing, it is. Animator and programmer Robby Leonardi built an interactive game as his resume.

  What makes the Resume Stand out-

    1. It’s serious yet adventurous
    2. A perfect display of skills.

D) The Cinema Reel Resume

The love for cinema never dies, it just grows. You want to showcase it whenever possible. Brian Moose resume was vintage in style. A simple notebook that was a replica of cinema reel and a rustic suitcase. Brian notebook contained hand-drawn illustrations that expressed Brian’s skills and experiences.

What makes the resume style stand out-

  1. Suitcase style cover
  2. Display of cinematic love
  3. Mind-blowing illustrations

    creative resume design
    Image-Brian Moose

These are some creative resume styles to get inspired from.

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