Skillmirror ATS Honored with Great User Experience 2018

Great User Experience 2018

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SkillMirror Becomes 2-Time HR Software Award Winner of a Respected Platform for SaaS Reviews

SkillMirror has much to celebrate after respected business software review website FinancesOnline recognized its fully automated recruitment solution, with the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.

The Great User Experience award in the FinancesOnline applicant tracking software research highlights SkillMirror’s simplicity in helping recruiters find the perfect applicants for their job vacancy. FinancesOnline’s awards are given to only the most well-designed solutions in the market that provide a quality user experience.

Meanwhile, the Rising Star award for 2018 is reserved to software solutions that have a positive track record with customers, with many believing that it is an efficient tool for one’s day-to-day operations. To be exact, FinancesOnline believes that SkillMirror is among the 20 applicant tracking software of 2019, giving our software a 100% user satisfaction rating with perfect positive social mentions.

From the outset, SkillMirror has poured blood and sweat in creating one of the best HR software solutions for companies on a budget that can greatly reduce their manual recruitment efforts, and we are glad to see our efforts recognized by FinancesOnline.

FinancesOnline also scrutinize several Skill Mirror features in their analysis. According to FinancesOnline, among the top benefits and functionalities that separate SkillMirror from other recruitment platforms in the market include the following:

  1. Accelerated recruitment processes through automation of various tasks.
  2. Automated Intelligent Profile matching for best fit candidate as per the requirements.
  3. Reach to 1000’s number of jobseekers in just a click and register their interest.
  4. Bulk hiring across a wide range of verticals and domains while ensuring that businesses only hire talents that pass their stringent requirements.
  5. Collaborating hiring team over different locations with reports and analytics.
  6. Manage clients,vendors,freelancers,colleges on one automated  platform.

We sincerely thank FinancesOnline for taking the time and effort to check the ins and outs of SkillMirror. These awards motivate our team to continue going above and beyond in making our recruitment platform the gold standard in the market.

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