Is HR Tech A Hype Or Reality? Latest HR Trends 2018

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Recent trends in HR to find out whether HR Tech is a hype or reality:


Over the period of time, the function of HR has seen a transformational period and is constantly evolving. With the innovation in technology, the latest HR trend has created more opportunities and is inevitably growing. It works toward an emphasis on the talent management, managing the balance as well as strengthening the performance improvement. They play a fundamental role in ensuring that the right people at the right time for the right task are brought in to safeguard smooth functioning of the work in the business.

In many ways, the latest HR Tech has embraced the business and eliminated various problems of paperwork, on boarding the new candidates, tracking the applicants, finalizing the documentation, annual reviews, communicating benefits, tracking the working house. The latest HR tech has increased the overall performance of the management and regularly ensures the employees meeting performance standards. These technology has truly revolutionized and redefined the way giving quick access to the company’s information as well as the training programs.

Human Resource can be proclaimed as a new era of learning, not certainly a hype. The future of HR, as well as the recruitment, is inarguably driving more value and creating meaningful analytics, specifically in talent acquisition. Various waves of recruitment marketing solutions have been placed in line which is easy to use and better integrated. However, recent trends in hr – it is designed to drive better decision making power, reach the targeted outreach along with optimizing the recruitment practices. These effective solutions are a straight end to the future that drives more data-driven talent acquisition and ultimately improve the performance of a business. If we explore the areas of HR recruitment for the purpose of analytics, the HR tech has indeed made an impactful impression as well as achieved results in

1. Optimising the broad talent acquisition strategy. 

2. Refining the conversion rates from the application stock and developing best practices for converting the applicants into best hires.

3. Successfully and efficiently improving the efficiency of the job board spend.

The world will move towards more innovative technology and these technological options may at time act as a boom and sometimes as a hype. It depends upon the business owners to use it in the present reality adding up to accelerated and transformed experience of learning making it a part of improving strategic management or inculcating it as an imperfection, reflecting it as a hype.

We all agree that technological disruption and its adaptation is least in the HR domain. The possible reasons for it could be the lack of interest of the stakeholders. The users in the field of HR are not very aggressive in exploring or adopting the latest technical interventions. They are most of the time happy with the results, howsoever slow, inefficient or expensive it may be in a medium and long-term. The other possible reason could be that HR function everywhere is considered to be the extreme support function. The management does not pay much attention to the department’s performance metrics and growth. The committed budgets to the function would always be on the lower side.

There are various start-ups in our country who have come up with some amazing technical solutions in the HR domain. They are being addressed as HR tech organizations in new lingo. The idea is to technically disrupt all the functions of HR, be it recruitment to begin with, to onboarding, to payroll, to employee engagement and their grievance handling through “BOTS” and lot more. The futuristic systems are being designed with the help of complex algorithms, effective usage of artificial intelligence and the analytical tools.    

If one is in the field of HR but is not on its technical side yet, be it as a solution provider or as a user, then it is just about time.

Skillmirror has embarked on the journey to revolutionize the HR tech completely. We are more aggressive in disrupting the recruitment side of it, that too in the bulk hiring domain where the industry needs it the most.  But, not going to limit ourselves impacting all the HR functions soon.

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