Learn how recruitment and selection process is changing?

Recruitment and selection process

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Newspaper to mobile apps. Job boards to social media. Learn the new age recruitment strategies here
Technology helps to simplify our daily tasks & that is also changing the recruitment and selection process. Slowly and steadily, technology is becoming an integral part of our lives and is disrupting almost every function of our life, professional or personal. It is also changing the way we perceive and analyse our surroundings. The introduction of smartphones has played a very crucial role in it. And, it becomes more and more affordable to own, cheaper data cost and improving network reach is helping the spread of technology in a big way.

Similarly, technology is also changing the recruitment and selection process. If we talk about the way recruitment would happen earlier, I mean way earlier, it will take you back to days when people would register themselves in employment exchanges, browse through newspapers classified section and stand outside the factories and offices in a long queue.

Then came the era of job boards, a special section in newspapers and the recruitment consultants. Now, in no time all those methods look totally ineffective. They are all falling short in serving the purpose of both employers as well as job seekers.

Social media and professional networking sites, which have their mobile applications as well, have hugely affected the name of the game called recruitment. Now, the job seekers are not limited to being available on some identified channels. They are everywhere on the internet, almost everywhere. Knowing us being a young nation, data is huge in number but that is scattered all over the internet.

The humongous shortage of skilled people is only adding to big recruitment woes. Because, the one who is skilled has multiple employment offers in hand, and the ones who are not but are more in numbers have none. The issue has become a kind of catastrophe where it almost seems impossible to hire.

Do we have an answer to it? Certainly, we have it in the form of technology, but the precision of it is still to be tested widely. More so in case of blue collared as well as in case of bulk hiring. Here are some ways the new forms of recruitment strategies have upgraded from the older ones-

1. Precise information about the job description

“The shorter, the better”. Social media is the new platform where jobs are posted. Today, we want to consume more information in the lesser span of time. Shorter and precise job descriptions increase the productivity and engagement of candidate. They have a clear idea of their responsibilities and goals. Mobile has also played a very important role in it. As it changed the way we consume and analyse information.

2. Quick And Efficient Hiring

Shorter and precise job postings increase the candidate engagement. On the other hand, social media increases the viewership. Social recruiting technology helps to connect with candidates after the fill their applications. It also reduces the time of application submission and response time. It helps in upgrading the recruiting experience of both candidate and employer.

3. Attracting the best talent

Technology is a gift, as it simplifies the cumbersome process of recruiting. Recruiters can now analyze candidate more efficiently and effectively. Besides, the resume of candidate you can also access virtual portfolios of the candidate. The virtual portfolio contains the skills of the candidate, real work experience and samples of work. References are just a click away. Interview manager makes the process of scheduling and rescheduling easy for both the candidate and employee. You can also enhance your talent pool through Talent Inventory. Apart, from enhancing organization future talent pool it also helps in building the brand image.

4. Skill assessment tools

Technology helps the employee to track the performance of the candidate efficiently. Better supervision is possible. There are many software programs, that help in evaluating the performance of the candidate.  They also help in detecting the loopholes and areas of improvement. It is essential for both employee and candidate as they are able to evaluate their respective performances. Candidates can access their personal payrolls and other benefits too.

5. Automation

Most of the process in the recruitment has been automated which helps in cutting the cost and time of recruitment.  Automation is adding another edge to HR trends.

Recruiting can be a taxing process, but technology is making it much simpler and effortless. Online job posting helps organizations to recruit the best talent in a shorter span of time. Job postings on multiple networking sites increase the viewership. You don’t have to go through thousands of resumes before selecting the one candidate. Precise filtration process filters down and selects the candidates more efficiently. Lowering down the efforts of employers. The perfect candidate for your organization is just a click away.

At, SkillMirror we are committed to enhancing your recruiting experience. Keeping you abreast with new and latest technological interventions. Our endeavor is cost-effective, speedy and efficient hiring.


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